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November 10, 2012
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"Rhiannon, blood-red Rhiannon
says she’ll carry you between the worlds
on her white mare of the sea
but none may pass between the worlds
who does not pass through me
and I am emptiness

The call of magic birds
twined in yonder apple tree.
In kissing blossom,
feather-breasted caress for all to see
but none may meet the heart of love
who does not pass through me
and I am emptiness

The hollow beneath the hill,
hidden catacombs,
plumming depths of red raw love
the blood of wounded wombs.
She who dares to pass beneath
tames the inner beast,
yet not maid may set
her sexual centre free
who does not pass through me
and I am emptiness..."

by Kali Roberts…


From the series "The Wheel of the Year"
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