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"Here in the garden of the arcane delights,
dark shadows overwhelm us and we become blind.
Blind to the needs of those who would be free
from the grip of fear and the prisons of the mind."

Blind by FurorArt

Our future is not for sale!

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 22, 2015, 5:06 AM

Feel free to share it everywhere!

Our future is not for sale!

The proposed free-trade agreement “TTIP” between the EU and the USA serves the interests of corporations and not of citizens:

  • TTIP undermines democracy and the rule of law :  The agreement allows foreign corporations to sue countries for high compensation in secretive,
  • arbitration proceedings when countries pass laws that could reduce the profits.
  • TTIP opens the door to privatization : The agreement will make it easier for corporations to earn profits from the public water supply and health and education systems,
  • all at the public’s expense.
  • TTIP endangers our health : Practices that are legally allowed in the U.S. would legally be permitted in the EU.
  • This clears the way for fracking , genetically-modified food production, and hormone-treated cattle.
  • The agreement weakens the peasant and family-farming agriculture and grants the agricultural industry even more power.
  • TTIP undermines freedom : The agreement opens the way for even more monitoring and surveillance of internet users.
  • Excessive copyright regulations restrict free access to culture, education, and science.
  • TTIP is practically irreversible : Once agreed upon , the contracts for elected politicians are essentially no longer ammendable as every change requires agreement by all parties. Germany could not unilaterally decide to withdraw from the contract , as it is the EU, and not Germany, who signs enters into the agreement.

Therefore I demand:

Stop the negotiations on the TTIP agreement!

Sign Petition…

TAFTA / TTIP: Ne vendez pas notre avenir!

TTIP, le traité de libre-échange prévu entre l'UE et les États-Unis (aussi connu sous l'abréviation TAFTA),
ne servira pas aux intérêts des citoyens mais à ceux des sociétés multinationales:

  • TTIP sape la démocratie et l'État de droit: Des multinationales étrangères pourront réclamer des sommes exorbitantes en portant plainte contre les États auprès de tribunaux d'arbitrage non-publics, si les États adoptent des lois diminuant les profits prévus. TTIP ouvre la porte à la privatisation des services publics: L'accord facilite aux multinationales les profits aux dépens de la collectivité sur les services de distribution de l'eau, de la santé et de l'éducation.
  • TTIP menace notre santé et notre environnement: tout ce qui est permis aux États-Unis deviendrait également légal en Europe – la voie serait ouverte pour le fracking (gaz de schiste), les OGM et la viande gonflée aux hormones. L'agriculture paysanne serait affaiblie, l'agro-industrie élargirait encore sa puissance.
  • TTIP réduit la liberté: Les utilisateurs de l'internet risquent d'être soumis à une surveillance et tutelle encore plus pesantes qu'aujourd'hui. Des droits d'auteur excessifs entravent l'accès à la culture, l'éducation et la science.
  • TTIP est pratiquement irréversible: Une fois voté, le traité ne sera plus modifiable par les politiciens élus, car le consentement de tous les contractants est requis pour n'importe quelle modification. Aucun État membre ne pourra plus se retirer de ce contrat puisque c'est l'UE qui l'aura conclu.

Pour cette raison, je demande: Mettez fin aux négociations sur TTIP!

Signez la pétition!…

Das TTIP-Handelsabkommen soll Konzernen Profite durch Fracking, Chlorhühner, Gen-Essen und laxen Datenschutz erleichtern –

und es bedroht Europas Demokratie. Auf diesen Deal lassen wir uns nicht ein.

Handelshemmnis-Button - I am a trade barrier by FurorArt…

Geheimes Abkommen TISA stoppen!

Bitte unterzeichne…

TiSA jetzt STOPPEN bevor TiSA uns stoppt!
Bitte unterzeichnet unsere Petition “TiSA stoppen – Wasser, Energie & Bildung retten!”

Please sign our Petition “Stop TiSA – Save Water, Energy & Education!”

TiSA geht uns alle an!

Mit dem Dienstleistungsabkommen TiSA wird eine rasant zunehmende Privatisierung grundlegender Leistungen der Daseinsfürsorge wie der Wasser- und der Energieversorgung,
der Gesundheitsfürsorge und dem öffentlichen Bildungssystem angestrebt.
Zudem werden hart erkämpfte Arbeitsrechte, Verbraucher- und Umweltschutzstandards und die staatliche Unterstützung öffentlicher Dienste
in Handelshemmnisse umbenannt und sollen als solche eliminiert werden.
Durch Sperrklauseln soll die Deregulierung und Privatisierung für alle Zeiten unumkehrbar gemacht werden.

Bitte unterzeichne die Kampagne “1 Millionen Unterschriften gegen TiSA” hier:

Vielen Dank!

Negative Effects

Since there are mostly lobbying groups present there is not much the public can do about it.
The secretive character of the negotiations is pointed out by the fact, that the WTO is not included.
When the negotiations started in 2012 there even was not a mandate

to engage in negotiations by the European Union member states.
From the start there was no democratic legitimation for this treaty.

TiSA questions the very principles of democracy.
Especially municipalities are in jeopardy.
Their ability to pass laws (such as prohibiting Fracking on community grounds)
could be influenced by the possibility of a multi-million law suit by international companies who see their interests affected.  
All agreements like TTIP/CETA/TiSA aim to discourage politicians from passing laws,
that are not in the interest of multinational Companies, but may well be in the best interest of the public.

ISDS (Investor-State-Dispute-Settlement) cases are quickly emerging everywhere,

especially on the basis of the NAFTA treaty between the US, Canada and Mexico.

Last but not least TiSA is working on so called ‘negative lists’ which means,

that all services which are not especially mentioned in that section are primary target to liberalization.

That means that service industries which have not even evolved yet are liberalized before they exist.

This goes contrary to the GATS agreement which worked with ‘positive lists’ which provide a list of services to be liberalized.


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